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My name is Brian Crucitti and I graduated from the University of Vermont in Spring 2012. I have finished a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics and a BA in Japanese.
I have experience with JavaScript/jQuery/Backbone, HTML, CSS/LESS, PHP, Java/Android, C/C++ and various development environments for the writing of the aforementioned languages.

Big Data TechCon, San Francisco: Final Day

Whew! First week back after a conference is a doozy! Sorry about the delay on this, but here is my post for the last day of the Big Data TechCon.

The final day of the conference was loaded with many interesting topics. Unencumbered by worries about having to present to an audience later, I was able to devote my full attention to attending courses, talking with fellow conference goers, and trying to bargain with Lady Luck to get myself an AR Drone.

Big Data TechCon, San Francisco: Day 2

Day 2 of the conference was a lot more exciting. Not only because I had to talk in front of a group, but also because the plan for the day consisted of a number of different presentations on interesting and exciting topics. The event floor was also populated by a number of booths run by conference sponsors, each one trying to sell 10x more data at 10x the analytic speed of any of their competitors.

Big Data TechCon, San Francisco: Day 1

Day one of the Big Data TechCon was a little slow. The day plan allowed for attendees to participate in two half-day tutorial sessions; one in the morning, and one in the afternoon.
Nothing wrong with that format, it just tends to make for slow days.

Big Data TechCon, San Francisco

I'll be attending the Big Data TechCon this week.

Since the government shutdown continues, I think some NSA employees would benefit by using their furlough time to attend!

I will be speaking on Wednesday about how to create a quick and dirty MongoDB web application. Here's a quick decsription.

More posts to come as the conference continues

I'm on the internet!

As if you didn't already know that I'm on the internet. However, I participated in, and helped write an article published in InfoWorld. I didn't think much of it at the moment, but when I mentioned it to a friend of mine, he responded with: "Oh hey! You're on the internet!" So I figured I would let everyone know what my friend has discovered.

Slow Updates

A combination of long commute and a few nerdy side projects that I probably wont be posting the code for have left me with very little time to work on my Open Source Projects.

On the upside, I have started working my way through a Japanese light novel (short novel), so I will have even less time to work the things I post here, but my Japanese should improve during the translating.

KanaType V1.0

After some away, and several tries at different methods, I finally have a version 1.0 of KanaType up at github (https://github.com/Susanoh13/KanaType). I just acquired a full time job, so the next update may not be for awhile. Which is kind of sad, because the big issue right now is that the package needs a lot more commenting so that people can change it to better suit their needs.

Visual Novel Engine V0.9

An update to this earlier post.

Progress on the Visual Novel Engine has gone pretty smooth so far. Testing on basic scripts(novel scripts, not programming scripts) has proved to be successful and bigger testing is soon to come.
A basic demo is up here. And it is very basic. I also apologize for the crappy art, I just needed basic stuff to see if things were working, so I put the art together in a few minutes.

Visual Novel Engine

visual novel

Looking to expand my website's offerings, and my own repertoire, I have started building a visual novel engine using Backbone.js and jQuery.

My eventual goal is to have a visual novel that switches between English and Japanese to help people learning Japanese study conversational Japanese in an interesting and fun way.
Before I reach that stage I should have a single-language visual novel engine up and running.

When I have a running engine, I plan on putting it up on github. So anyone looking to make your own vn, please look forward to it.


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